Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Shout out

Check out the lovin' I got on I am getting famous. It's all part of the masterplan for world domination, one blog at a time.

In other news, I'm getting ready to go down to San Fran tomorrow. I've been looking forward to this trip the whole year...I can't wait to ride the street car.

And finally, a top ten list of reasons why I am too vanilla for you.

10. I have a vanilla cross bike. Do you?
9. race report-less blogging
8. have you seen my calves?
7. less hairy than Tonkin, whiter than Ping Pong
6. recently voted most popular cat. 1 in Portland
5. reported by the Willamette week to be one of the most elite cyclists in Portland, then quoted as saying that single speeders are a bunch of jokers. Perhaps they meant elitist?
4. I have a second vanilla cross bike. How many do you have?
3. My wife has to use the computer
2. So I have to get off
1. I have a blog

I think we should all celebrate our famousness. If I remember correctly, part of that review went something like this... "the comments are usually funnier than the posts!"

Therefore, since we're all famous comedy stars now, we should treat ourselves. Any ideas? Maybe a Too Vanilla For Work party?
Too Hairy For You party... we could all wear fake beards and invite Tonkin.
I think you are too vanilla for me because you can eat a burrito in 1 min. 30 sec. - does that make you a cat. 1?
Please. Any cat. 4 can eat a burrito that quickly. The question is, can you eat a burrito that quickly and then want to eat more after that? That's pro.
Giviner at a cross race after THAT makes you a pro
I drank a 12 oz vanilla latte this morning, how vanilla is that? I was also just invited to travel to road island with josh johnson to cover nats. I wonder if jj knows that he once threatened to kill me during a race? goes with my theory that no one ever remembers me. maybe I can help unpack ping pong from shannon's duffel bag?
Are you covering gnats in Rhode Island? Individually? Or is road island a special place where nats go? Can I call you Nat?
Since Shannon is racing right now, I'll try to cover for him by answering some questions.

Vanilla lattes are not so vanilla, sorry. It's been well documented that Shannon enjoys Americanos, the doubler the better. Is JJ going to kill you during a race? That's not too vanilla either.

Nat? My name is Ping Pong. In my language, that means "to cover with gnats, in rhode island".
what's with the skerritt photo not loading. It looks lame.
I don't know.
well I think you better "figure it out" "ping pong"
ping pong, wtf is your email. why don't you post it on my website, or somewhere where I'll find it.
and what about toast? I like toast with butter, does shannon?
ping pong doesn't have email. he uses smoke signals, obviously. it's the asian way.
Asians don't use smoke signals, that was Native Americans. I but you think burritos were invented by Asians too?
I like Asion burritos.
Please. Of course I use email. My people invented the computer out of an old radio and two fuzzy dice.
Am I Too Vanilla for my co-workers? When I blog-on here--I gotta close this window 3x's, as I wanna conceal my Biz [n' joyously, falalalala, abuse co.time]. Should I turn them on to TVFY site, showing them how I can frightfully win a date with CS-BMW??!! Or keep cool secret blogSites [fetish] to myself? Life is full of Moral dilemams.
SP check...dilemams vs. dilemmas [signed, dilemma-mama].
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