Wednesday, November 09, 2005


They're in season and delicious. Just like cyclocross...a lot of hard work to get to the sweet success. Great in martinis also.

and loaded with antioxidants!
is that all you care about? Antioxidants? What about the dazzling effect they have on Cliff Shrader?
I see you like pomegranates, are you a vegetarian? Do you get your awesomeness from avoiding foods that are make from the senseless destruction of little critters. I hear that there is a big vegetarian culture in the cross world and was thinking that if the good racers were vegetarian, maybe that would help spread the culture.

Your thoughts on the subject would be appreciated.

Rob from
Whoa whoa whoa. This is the wrong blog for this kind of talk. I'd refer you to if you want to talk about vegetarianism. Do you have any questions about global warming?
Thanks for the referral. Molly’s website is very eye opening I admire what Molly has done and wish that more people had that kind of perspective.


I am interested in your eating habits. Not Molly’s. Maybe I didn’t stress the fact that I want to know what the best racers eat. Molly, although very impressive, does not measure up to your on-the-bike awesomeness.

I ask myself. “Can I have as ripped calves as that on a veggie diet?”

Please advise
I try to shy away from the veggie vs. meat arguments. If you want to know, yes, I do eat meat, but I think being vegan/vegetarian neither hinders nor helps performance (provided you get all the nutrients you need). Nutrition by itself doesn't lead to success on the bike. Remember, cyclocross racing is like pomogranates: a lot of hard work to get to the sweet success.
Hey now, we're not here to discuss racing, or fastness. Ripped calves are in bounds, but what we should really be focusing on are carne asada burritos and how delicious they are...
ooohhhhhhhh.....burrito. I also like Chile Relleno burritos. Thanks for bringing it back.
Exit poll of the day. Cha cha cha or Ole Ole? Does the extra word tip the balance or is the Ole burrito the end-all heaven in a tube?
Many Thanks! for the clarification.

I like burrito’s too. Come to think of it, I am ready for one right now. Do you have any suggestions? I would prefer something inexpensive and maybe a place with a view?

Pomegranates, people! Focus!
Have you had the pomegranate burrito from Chole Chole Chole? Pome-liciso!
you know what's good with pomegranites? beer.
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