Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ping Pong takes over

Since Shannon is gone for close to two weeks, I'll be updating his blog with any reports we get from him. He flew out this morning for two races in RI this weekend, then nats next saturday and the liberty cup on sunday.

Latest update: there are no updates from Shannon.

With Shannon gone, I like to ask myself "what would Shannon do?" Today I ate a burrito. Then I ate some peanuts. Perhaps I will have a burrito for dinner, and a pomegranate for dessert.

Latest unsubstantiated rumor: Sir Hops-a-lot is going to gears next year. If he can do that much damage with one, think about what he can do with 18 (or maybe 20, if he gets the hookup)!

Did you notice? No mention of Walmart in this post. Except for this one.

Ping Pong

MATT SLAVEN RIDING GEARS!!!??!! OK somebody's got to say it, WTF?
Is he taking a page from mollycameron.com or what? y'know I heard Slaven is off dairy, hmmm...
Yeah, he's off dairy, but he still eats fish. And butter, straight up. Wait, that's Tonkin.
please,...who is this "ping pong"? I only read this site becuase I am secretly infatuated with shannon. A shannon stand in is unacceptable.
Ping Pong is Shannon's asian helper. Sort of like a soigneur, mechanic, domestique, advisor, and coffee getter all rolled into one.

And hey, we're all secretly infatuated with Shannon, but unfortunately he's taken. I mean...I'm not infatuated with him. I'm just here to fill in to keep you posted on what's going on with him since he's out of town.

Oh, and did you enter the "win a date with Cliff Shrader" contest, dirt doll?
gears are for chumps, don't do it slaven!

well shannon's not a chump, but he's got the power animal and a soigneur... and tonkin's got the pelt, so he's no chump either.. The point is, gears are mostly for chumps, and that snazzy new vanilla would look way better with horizontal dropouts.

p.s. coasting sucks too
Oh, about that shirt. Even though I've gained 4, well, 5 pounds after breakfast, since the last time you've seen me, I still wear a size "S". Oh, and please describe some of Shannon's physical characteristics so that I might identify him in the burrito line in RI.

Is he tall? Does he have ripped calves?
hi mr PP.....or Tinkle, for short! we presume that PP is because you can play the game, is this true? do you hit PP balls like Forest Gump? we thought so!!

we also presume there's a reason why we don't call you, Billards.

will you attend this sat. @ mtnCycle gig? how will we know it's U....wearin' yellow rose in left lapel?

hey, when will you judge "date with cliffy schrader winner-dares-to-step-up" contest? i entered. oh yeah, you'll find a facial shaver in my shower...useful when i'm not traveling with my circus group....pattiPresta.
I think I'll attend, unless I'm too busy updating Shannon's blog.

Look for an asian guy wearing a too vanilla for you t-shirt and a yellow rose on the left lapel of the t-shirt.

I'm called Ping Pong because Tonkin used to think that was my name.
I thought your name was "Oriental Man".
That's "Chinaman".
dear mr peanuts n'pomegranate/PP [nicht!chinaman, bad,bad name!]--inquiring minds wanna know, what did you chow on thanksGiving? w/fun group? i spent it chowin' 9#'s of salsa/ stuffings/ veggies/turkey--hold the gravy & desserts. only instant coffee offered...yeech!! good hot cider :) i spent t/g with 2 other bikers, & 4 other 'crafty couples'. ps: see our, doggieDoo [who flungDung?]Tales-- shannon's "t/giving wrap-up," & pls dooReply! PP/pattiPresta
I'm afraid of Sommer Ping Pong.
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