Saturday, November 12, 2005


Today I had a chile relleno burrito from Ole Ole. Discuss.

That was all? Oh, wait, was that just first lunch or second lunch?
I'm hungry.
Well, it went
6 am- Bowl of Wheaties
10 am- Banana, peanut butter sandwich
1 pm- burrito
4 pm- priceless
I'll see your meal plan, and raise you 2 eggs, 4 strips of bacon, 2 pieces of french toast and a very appreciative young lady.
that's gross
You know what's gross? Not eating meat.
There is more fat in two cups of whole mild (ie. med. late) than 12 strips of bacon.

I'll take the bacon everytime
That's why I drink Americanos (no milk) and rice/soy/almond milk, so I can eat 12 strips of bacon like I did for breakfast this morning.
i like my coffee like I like my tires. Black and sticky.
A Haiku for Wednesday:

Dario Frigo.
You are major idiot.
Women can't hide stuff.
A bachelor friend of mine likes eating salsa & tuna....imagine his breath on dates!! meow. Main Grub for me includes a package noodles [spicy Odon preferred] stuffed w/spinach & bwn rice--slurping from an Oriental soup spoon..... facing OLN races, taped/live.
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