Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It's about time

Looks like I finished top-nine overall in the Crank Bros series. That's good, right? First un-pro guy with a full time job. I'd like to give a big thank you to a bunch of people, including my wife, my sponsor Sacha, my nine cats and one dog, and, of course, Ping Pong.

Next up: another weekend of UCI racing, then gnats. I mean nats.

Good job to Tonky this weekend for another podium, plus wrapping up a top-6 overall in the series.

In other news, pomegranates are on sale for 2 for $5 at Wild Oats. Yeah, it seems kind of expensive at first, two pieces of fruit for five dollars. But trust me, they're worth it, plus each one is good for about an hour of entertainment while you try to eat it.

You know what else is good for an hour of entertainment? The new Harry Potter movie. Plus, you get an extra hour and a half of entertainment to go with that hour. Hour forty minutes, if you count the previews (some people do, I don't).

Ping Pong has email. I see him use it all the time at work.

not very funny.
And when you say all the time, you mean AAALL the time.
You guys should check out those adult personals sites. They're great, it's where I met my life partner.
ping pong, I'm sorry to hear you don't have an address. I know things can be difficult in this country for non-natives. I hope they don't hear about your status at work.
I think we need to back up and remember what this post and this entire blog is really about. It's not about ripping on Ping-pong for his questionable citizenship status and moral values, it's about recognizing how much Shannon kicks ass, and chatting about global warming! It's about calves, and kittens, it's about never training, watching Lost and eating pomegranites! Goshdarnit, it's about burritos!
So let's not let the comment section of this blog deteriorate into childish name-calling like some other blogs around town. Let's keep the name calling somewhat intelligent and original! Because what it really comes down to is, Shannon puts very little thought into the posts on this page, so we should put very much thought into the comments about the posts on his page.
Seriously Guys,
chestre concordia
this week i took advantage of the season of the pomegranate. i used them in muffins in place of blueberries and adding a whole pomegranate to an apple crisp. piazazz. and goodness. and yum.
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