Thursday, October 20, 2005

TV Report

I made it to the couch early for my favorite weekly TV show, "Lost". This has been one of my favorite shows since it debuted on ABC last year. I got to the couch at about 8:45 with some orange juice with enough time to get settled in before the show started.

The show started right on time at 9, which is nice when you think about some other shows that always start later than they're advertised. That always throws off the schedule, especially if you have to be on another channel for something afterward. From the beginning, it was exciting as usual. I was on the rivet for the full hour, except for a couple short intervals when I could relax during the commercials. I think I even used one for the opportunity to go to the bathroom, but as soon as I was done I started focusing on the show again.

As soon as the show was over, I started thinking about the next one. The previews were calling for somebody to die in the next episode. I'm thinking it's going to be Sawyer kicking the big champagne bucket. But maybe that's too obvious and it will be Hurley. Or it could even be that girl while she's trying to save Sawyer. That's the great thing about TV; no matter how prepared you are, you don't know what's going to happen when it plays out. I'm just bummed that I have to wait three weeks before the next one.

Afterwards, I cooled down with about 15 minutes of the the show "Invasion". I was in bed pretty early with help from a little wine, but mostly I was just tired from the show.

I wonder what Tonkin's doing now?

maybe you should make 'too vanilla for you' t-shirts instead of wasting your time watching tv.
maybe YOU should
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