Thursday, October 13, 2005

Too Vanilla For You's first interview

In this post, Too Vanilla For You interviews a co-worker, one Elizabeth Worley.

Too Vanilla For You: like dudes?
Elizabeth Worley: I do. Very much.

TVFY: So Shannon broke both his elbows last year. Have you broken two of anything?
EW: I've broken two of my forearm bones-bike riding-bmxing, to be specific.

TVFY: At the same time?
EW: Yes. Snap. Two at once. And then again. Twice. 6 months later.

TVFY: Bike riding again?
EW: Roller skating.

TVFY: Do you think you get asked more about your broken forearms or does Shannon get asked more about his broken elbows?
EW: about my broken forearms because I have better scars. Do you know what Shannon's blog should be called? "Are you ready to get famous".

TVFY: Hey-I'm asking the questions here. What do you think are Shannon's favorite things about you?
EW: My hoop earrings. I think that's all.

TVFY: And your favorite things about Shannon?
EW: Um...he delivers coffee to me. Sometimes. He brings me coffee. Sometimes.

Thanks for your time, Elizabeth.

wow this is so interesting. I love all the information. I think I'm getting faster as I read...
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