Saturday, October 15, 2005

Race Pre-report

Tomorrow is the Veloshop race at PIR. After a couple huge races last weekend it will be nice to have a smaller race to enjoy. Here is how it will go down:

I will arrive at the race before my start. I'll spend some time warming up, riding the course a couple times until I get to know the lines to take. I'll probably get to the starting line after everybody else has lined up because I'll have spent a lot of time getting coffeed and sugared up. I'll probably still be able to squeeze in the front because people know me from my blog.

At the gun, I'll have a good start. I like to start fast.

The race is a blur, partly because I will be going pretty hard, but mostly because it hasn't happened yet. I will call on my power animal, the donkey (a trick I've picked up over the years).

At the finish, the race will be over.

Tune in for another exciting report next weekend.

I've heard about "power animals" before. It's for real. It's a real thing. I had an uncle once who channeled small rodents to help him crawl into small spaces. You know, for housework. He was a handyman.
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