Friday, October 14, 2005

Interview two

In part two of our two part interview series, Too Vanilla For You talks to Oregon BAR (Best Asian Rider) Eric Tsai.

Too Vanilla For You: So how do you know Shannon?
Eric Tsai: For every elite athlete, there's someone behind the scenes, someone supporting the athlete, giving him encouragement when he's down, someone to push that athlete to his limits. I guess you could say I'm in charge of finding that person for Shannon.

TVFY: Don't you work with him?
ET: Yes, that too.

TVFY: Why should anybody bother to read this interview with you?
ET: I know what it's like to personally know Shannon.

TVFY: What's your favorite story about Shannon?
ET: One time he caught a shoplifter with three cycling jerseys down his pants, including the hangers. Another time he caught a woman with some Burley jackets stuffed in her mumu, then chased them out the store and they backed their car into a telephone pole. He likes to tell a story about how he once accidently ate mouse poop.

TVFY: Can you eat more or can Shannon eat more?
ET: Shannon can eat more without getting fat.

TVFY: Are you really Oregon's best asian rider?
ET: Define "asian". Is this interview over yet?

TVFY: Yes.

Thanks for your time, Eric

This is a terrible interview. Who is Eric Tsai?
i think it's pretty obvious. eric is shannon's asian teddy bear and worship puppet.
could we get more photos of shannon up? I'd like to see a series on shannon in action, and in in-action, e-e-e-e-e-ya-know?
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