Friday, October 28, 2005

East Coastin

So here I am on the East Coast, getting ready for these races this weekend. Even though I'm from the East Coast, I'm always amazed at the differences between here and Portland. The coffee in Portland is great, especially old Stumptown, here it's all Starbucks and whatnot. Even on rainy days in Portland the sun will shine through every now and then, here it's been gray since I got off the plane. Voodoo donuts are amazing compared to the crap I've been getting at Dunkin Donuts. Another difference I noticed is that I have a car in Portland, here I have to "borrow" or "rent" one. And what's up with the time difference? It's 11 am in Portland but already 2 pm here? Bizarre.

More to come after the races.

One difference that I noticed once was that people in Portland at least try not to sound like jerks (even if, really, some are big time jerkos), while in most east coast villages, they are very open with thier jerkness, and unafraid to share it with the world.
I like beef jerky. And turkey jerky (because it rhymes).
Another key difference between east and west it that they pronounce their "r" sounds "aah" as in "too vanilla faah you". also people seem to be fatter out there.
Yeah, I got fattaah as soon as I got here
to survive on the east coast you need your own espresso machine. that is just a fact. in a west coast vs east coast battle i am not sure who would win. portland is a bubble. that may not always be a good thing. diversity can be a very nice thing. so who is to say? and the last time i checked there were quite a large population of "fat" people here. isn't oregon one of the most obese states? i can share too.
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Oregon may be fat, but the People's Republic of Portland isn't. With all the outdoorsy minded folks, not to mention the heroin-chic look that's so popular in the SE, I'd say Portland is pretty skinny. I'd say I fall on the side of heroin-doorsy.
I want to look at more pictures and read less about wal-mart and global warming.
...try fox news
Global warming and Walmart are what make the world go round.
I find that, although Portland may not be fat, their fatness is just pushed off onto the people that live in Clackamas, Beaverton, Hillsboro, and of course the dirty 'couve.
Hey Shannon,
Looking forward to having you and Barry stay with us for Cross Nationals. I hope to change your mind about east coast donuts! I have to admit west coast coffee rules.

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